Admission Details

Admission Open For Session 2018-19 from P.Nur to IX and XI(From May).

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Kanya Vidyadhan Yojna

Admission is Free for 1st 50 Girls

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Principal (Academic Director) Message :

New Era English Academy has made significant progress as an institution par excellence over the years. But while we bash in the glory of these achievements, the lessons we must learn and should have learn I, that winning is not everything. As Mahatma Gandhi so aptly put it, the means to an end are more important than the end itself. So while we embark on the path to success, we must constantly examine each step of this path to ensure that it has been a right step in itself, without looking only to the end. This has always been the most essential in gradient of the ethos of New Era English Academy, Saharanpur, UP, INDIA.

There is a hidden leader in each child and lets work together to bring it to the force. There is no final arrival, for life is a continuous process of growth and involvement both external as well as internal. As a school we are still an unfinished act, we are still unfolding ………….To quote Somerset Maugham:- Its a funny thing about life that , if you refuse to accept anything but the best how God and nature conspire to make sure it happens.