Dr. Madan Mohan Lal Jain

The Academy Is The Concrete From Of The Dream Cherished By Dr. Madan Mohan Lal Jain Who Founded The Academy At 21- Mission Compound Saharanpur U.P. In 1995, With The Hope To See It Fructified Into A Full – Fledged Academy Affiliate To C.B.S.E. New Delhi.

Former Secretary Of The School

Late Sh. Balvinder Singh

The ongoing effort of Dr. Madan Mohal Lal Jain were joined by Mr. Balwinder Singh. It was now the young zeal and zesh working under the guidance and experience heading towards the noble goal of imparting the best education to the masses of Saharanpur without caste, colour and creed. Of course YOUTH and AGE combined together to give a new impetus to the cause of good education at Saharanpur. Now the slow moving wheel at 21- Mission Compound Saharanpur began to run fast and the academy was completely shifted to a new campus near Devla in 2002. Mr. Balwinder Singh looked after the growth and development of the Academy up to 2008 when the cruel hands of Death fell upon the young man giving a rapid retraction to the speedy development of the Academy.

Educationist And Philanthropist

Dr. M.L. Gupta

The school now stood on firm footings and needed the awakening touch of a prince to brings the sleeping beauty to the light of the day Dr. M.L. Gupta a renewed educationist and a great philanthropist gave the Academy the awakening touch it needed. Under his stewardship as Director of the Academy. He breathed a new life into the academy and through his untiding efforts got it affiliated to CBSE New Delhi in 2003. The first batch of Secondary School Students appeared at the CBSE examination in 2005-06 showing a meritorious 100% result.


Sh. Rakesh Kumar Jain (

The cooperation of Mr. Rakesh Jain as President of the Academy cannot be ignored. His gratified support and untiring efforts for the cause of education and growth of the academy is praise worthy, which can not be defined in words which are too in adequate to express his sincere and committed role for the uplift of the Academy. Under his patronage, no problem was found too difficult to solve. The Academy can never forget such a fellow who spared no effort to see the academy grow in dimension and quality education.


Smt. Alka Jain


Sh. Gaurav Jain

Mr. Gaurav Jains services to the Academy as its secretary are self – speaking. He is a personality of rare words. He believes in doing and not in speaking. The proverbial maximum of Alexander Pope. He gives more than he promises is reflected in his interaction and behavior in day to day life. After the untimely sad demise of Mr. Balwinder Singh all the persons connected with the Academy and its well wishers were much concerned about the future fate of the academy. However Mr. Jain took the reins with confidence and courage. His efforts and achievements for extension of the campus and its beatification aptly fulfill the dream cherished by Dr. Madan Mohal Lal Jain & Late Sh. Balwinder Singh. Mr. Gaurav Jain has proved an architect without earning a degree. He is an economist and can achieve better things at lower cost. The New Era family looks forward to the increasing growth of the Academy under his supervision.


Mr. Jatin Sachdeva

B.Com, B.Ed & MBA
He has been looking after the income and expenditure of the Academy and its parent body which runs the Academy. The present expansion of the Academy and addition to its paraphernalia are the result of his thoughtful budget, making, keeping a strict eye on the inflow and the out flow of the school economy. Without his far sightedness and keen analytical aptitude the Academy would not have attained the height, visible and evident to any casual spectator or visitor. The well wishers of the Academy who visit it after a long lapse of time utter the words. Very Well Done. They have words of praise for the Academy. It shall not be out of place to say a few words of appreciation and acknowledgement for the members of the staff which is the soul of the Academy and without whose dedication and devotion to the teaching aspect the whole machinery would have been a heap of scrap.


(Officiating Principal)

Smt. Meenu Jain                                       

M.Sc(Zoology), B.Ed
She is strong pillar of the school who look after the academics. Under her guidance teachers follow the CBSE Curriculum prescribed by the CBSE board. The dynamic combination of our professional educators, dedicated parents and community members ensure that all students reach their maximum potential and become lifelong learners. We encourage all of our students to become independent and creative thinkers. We take pride in the ethnic diversity of our school and provide a climate of respect and acceptance for everyone. Successfully educating children improves when parents get involved in their child’s school. Ask your child about what they learned each day, have open communication with your child’s teacher and provide a quiet area for them to complete their homework. Instill the love of reading in them by providing enriching materials for them and making sure they read each day. I look forward to a rewarding year.