We very well understand that the provision of library aims at alluring the staff and the children to develop a reading habit. We cannot gain say the fact that increasing sources of hobbies and entertainment like T.V. and Video games have given a fatal blow to “reading as a hobby”. “Reading”, virtually speaking is receiving a step motherly treatment because the children and teachers involved in the process of teaching, learning phenomena feel less inclined to develop reading habit. However, we can not absolve ourselves of providing library facility to children and teachers.

At present the library-cum-reading room occupies 20 feet x 34 feet. The number of books in various subjects encompassing various walks of life approximates to 2905 books. There are books on English Literature-fiction, Poetry, Drama and Criticism.. Science books cover Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The books on these branches of
Science pertain to theoretical, practical and numerical aspects. There are books on general topics connected with day to day life. We have equally good number of books on Economics, Civics, History and Geography. Books on Commerce-Accounts and business organisation are also available.

Besides, we regularly subscribe “The Times of India”, “Amar Ujala”, “Dainik Jagran” and Magazines like “India Today”, “Partiyogita Darpan”.

No Of Periodicals 6

No Of Dailies 3

No Of Reference books class wise 7

No Of Magazine 4

We have also teacher’s manual , health manual , CCE manuals as per list provided by the CBSE board to its affiliated schools time to time compulsory for school library.